Dental Capital Corp. is a specialized investment banking, M&A and consulting firm, providing dental-experienced M&A representation and valuation services to Dental Manufacturers, Dental Dealers, and Dental Service Organizations (DSO's).  We offer professional representation that includes successful careers by our principals in the industry, in addition to proven results from current and prior engagements of client M&A transactions.  We represent both buyer and seller parties in the M&A process.

Our investment banking experience includes transacting merger & acquisition engagements (both assets and equity), business valuations, and exit planning with resultant enhancement to shareholder value.  

Each engagement is unique, and the firm you select should be experienced at representing businesses similar in size and industry to yours.  Our client engagements have included Dental Manufacturers, Dental Distributors, and Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) culminating in successful transactions. With proven abilities and a track record producing transaction results, we work closely with our clients to ensure the process is handled efficiently, confidentially, and professionally.